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Author Spotlight – Meghan March

Happy Halloween! My children are past the age of trick-or-treating so today is (almost) just another day for me. I decided to celebrate anyways by stopping by my local cup cake shop and treating myself (I will, of course, be filled with self-recrimination afterwards but I’ll put in extra time at the gym tomorrow). What other gluttonous things did I do today other than eat a fantastic Wedding Cake Cupcake? I re-read Meghan March’s Dirty Mafia Duet.

OK….truthfully, I was just going to re-read book two. I’ve got housework to do. Then I started reading (and eating) and decided, “what the hell”, and went back to book one. Hence, my backwards cupcake imagery. How could I not? This is Cannon’s story, and it was long overdue. I ADORE Cannon! And it was so good the first time, I knew it would be just as good the second time.

Now, I read lots of great books by amazing authors but Meghan March is a unique author for me to read for one reason…..out of hundreds of authors I read, she is the ONLY author I read who writes books with cliffhangers. Why is that significant? I hate cliffhangers! I get extremely pissed when authors do this. I can’t tell you how many authors I no longer read because they jumped on the bandwagon and started writing cliffhangers or serials. Megan March is a whole different breed of author that, for some reason, I just can’t get enough of, and she is the ONLY author I make this exception for. And, I found her by accident! No joke, I bought a book by mistake and decided, since I had it, I might as well read it. I also plan my day-to-day schedule around her releases. Seriously, there are maybe 10 authors I will plan my life around when their latest book comes out and she is the only one who I know will not be giving me what I want, immediately and it doesn’t stop me from diving right in, as soon as it hits my Kindle. I KNOW I’ve got to wait 4-6 weeks for the next book. The problem is, she has such an addictive writing style, I can’t stop. Want to know how bad it can get? I had a football game AND a Megan March book to read. I took my phone to read and had my husband interrupt me every time my son took the field (yes, I’m going to hell for that one). She tells such powerful, emotional, angsty, HOT stories, I can’t say no, no matter how long I have to wait for my fix. And her plot twists…..OMG! I have thrown my Kindle, pulled all-nighters, and swore I’d never read her again just because of some of her plot twists. Her books are freaking roller coasters! They make you laugh and cry and want to scream and rage and, at the end, when you think it’s almost over, she throws you down one more steep dive and upside-down loopty-loop before you glide into the unloading dock….complete with wet panties, a racing heart, and the urge to do it all over again!!! And, I re-read them….frequently. Her Mount Trilogy, Forge Trilogy, Dirty Mafia Duet, Savage Trilogy,and Beneath Series are some of my all-time favorite books EVER!!! In 2 weeks, her Legend Trilogy begins and I’m already dying. No kidding. I’m going crazy.

I don’t know Ms. March. I’ve never met her, conversed with her, or even passed by her in any setting. But, I must tell you, she is one of the best authors I have ever read. Her passionate and emotional storytelling weaves a web around your soul and leaves you breathless and aching for more, each and every time. I don’t know what magical spells she is casting over her books, but she has me addicted to her words and that is something I really don’t mind! If you haven’t read any books by Ms. March, I’d start with her Beneath Series. I promise, you will not regret it!

And, what did I rate her Dirty Mafia Duet….the love story between Cannon and Drew? 5 stars, of course! Cannon is insanely sexy and what makes him even better is his strength and integrity (OK, his dirty mouth is delicious too). I’ve been fascinated with Cannon since he first appeared in the Dirty Billionaire Trilogy and Ms. March did not disappoint me! Drew is his perfect match…strong, brave, and passionate! She gives as good as she gets and together these two were dynamite! I had a few moments where I wanted to crawl in the book and beat the crap out of one of his siblings (Creighton Karas, you are a stubborn jackass) but this duet was sheer perfection! And the plot twist!?!?!? I did NOT see that coming. Meghan March, you have the most spectacularly vivid imagination, I can’t even wrap my head around some of the things you pull out of yours! I do know this much….please don’t ever stop!

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Thank you Smallcakes of Ft. Myers for my AMAZING Wedding Cake cupcake. You created the perfect cupcake to go with a perfect book duet! Yes, I paid for it, but it was worth a shout out (and now I know where to go on my cheat days).

5 Star Read – Park Avenue Player by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

I have to be honest…I’m a little bit in love with authors Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward. Sure, separately they are awesome authors but when they write together fireworks go off, volcanoes erupt, parades flood the streets, panties melt….ok, ok, so maybe that is only in my head but still, I’m telling you, it happens every time a new release by this duo comes out and Park Avenue Player was no exception! I’ve been dying for this book and when it released a few days early I was overjoyed! Seriously, first check out this cover……

Isn’t it yummy??? No? That’s doesn’t snag your attention? Well, maybe the blurb will….

It started out like any normal day.

Then the fender bender happened.

The guy I collided with drove an expensive car and was drop-dead gorgeous. Too bad he was also a total jerk. We argued over whose fault it was and any other thing that came out of his condescending mouth.

Eventually, the police came and we went our separate ways. The insurance companies would have to figure things out. I had a job interview to get to anyway—one I was excited about.

Though that excitement changed to disappointment the moment the person interviewing me walked in. The guy from the accident.


Yeah, so I didn’t get the position.

The problem was, I really wanted it. No, I needed it. Anything to get me out of my current career and back into working with kids.

So, even though Hollis LaCroix was as intimidating as he was devastatingly handsome, I went back to see him and begged for a chance.

To my surprise, he gave me a shot taking care of his troubled niece.

At least my attraction to him wouldn’t be able to go anywhere. I wasn’t about to jeopardize my job or the strong bond Hailey and I formed.

But resisting the magnetic pull between us wasn’t that simple. (Then there was our little underwear game—don’t ask.)

We continued to flirt without crossing the line—until it finally happened.

This is the part of the story where we fall in love and live happily ever after, right?

Well, life has a way of throwing some major curveballs.

Ours was one I didn’t see coming. 

Did that work? Well, if the cover and the blurb don’t grab your attention, maybe the fact that I’m telling you this book was A-FREAKING-MAZING will help sway you to one-click right now! I can’t gush and extol its virtues enough! Hollis and Elodie are two of my favorite characters this dynamic duo has ever written and their chemistry is off-the-charts explosive! Their witty banter and flamboyant personalities made this book both swoon-worthy and heart-stopping with lots of fun in between. Hollis is arrogant and ruthless but once he lets down his walls he becomes charming and kind. His approach to handling his niece is both sweet and hilarious. Now Elodie, she is magnificent. Charismatic, funny, and smart she truly is Hollis’s match in every way. Her approach to handling Hailey (his niece and her new charge) was both nurturing and real, causing me to fall further in love with all her goodness! And their “games”? I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard reading a book. Hollis and Elodie know how to “play” a sexy game. Now, the plot twist…..OMG! It was crazy and let me tell you, these two authors know how to throw a curve ball at you, and it’s usually something you can never guess. This was no exception. Emotional, gut-wrenching, and though provoking, Ms. Keeland and Ms. Ward hold nothing back and leave you wanting more with Park Avenue Player! I’m waiting with baited breath for their next release!

Go ahead and one click this bad boy TODAY!!!


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