Battle of the Bubbles Week 7

This week’s selection is Sephora The Bubble Mask. I picked this out online specifically from Sephora when doing research for this challenge. have no previous experience with this mask. You can purchase this at  Sephora for $6. This mask is a little bit higher on the price scale than some other masks but the reviews were good. But, how does it compare to GlamGlow Bubble Sheet? Check out this post to find out which mask wins this weeks battle and don’t forget to follow the steps at the end of this post for a chance to win an at-home spa gift box.

Sephora The Bubble Mask

The Basics:

  • Ease of use: Easy
  • Price: Medium-high
  • Packaging: Appealing
  • Smell: High but Good
  • Reactions: None

The Breakdown:

This mask was very easy to use. Apply to clean, dry face and leave on 15 minutes. Upon opening the package, I was assaulted by a wonderfully clean smell. Normally this high volume of odor would bother me but this smelled so sweet and pleasant, I loved it immediately. I applied the mask, set my timer, and laid back to let the magic happen. I began to feel my beloved bubble tingle within 20 seconds and this mild-to-moderate bubble tingle came and went the entire 15 minutes. There were a few times it was so pronounced I had the urge to itch but I resisted. At the end of the 15 minutes, I went to observe the bubble effects and the mask was COVERED in bubbles! There were so many that I couldn’t even see the mask underneath. I really liked that. I removed the mask and rinsed my face and went about my evening. My face felt super clean and refreshed the rest of the night. No stickiness or greasiness. I had no adverse side-effects. My face didn’t look any different but if definitely felt recharged. The next morning, and all through the week, still no acne or rashes. However, when I usually use the bubble masks, my face feels revitalized for a good 24 hours. With this one, the next day was just like any other day. Still, the positives outweighed that one issue.

Sephora wins this round. The pleasant and refreshing smell, ease of use, attractive packaging, huge bubble-tingle factor, obvious bubble remaining on the mask, and no adverse reactions were huge bonus points. I would have preferred that my face had that rosy glow and the invigorating just-cleaned feeling I experience with GlamGlow but I can’t argue the results in cleaning and detoxifying my face were stellar. Honestly, what pushed this mask past GlamGlow was a simple thing….price. The effectiveness of the mask was on par but this mask is about $3 cheaper, and money in the pocketbook means more money for beauty products. Sorry, Glamglow. Sephora has earned a spot with you in my must have masks for Self-Care Sundays. Don’t worry! There’s plenty of room for all my winners.

For a chance to win an awesome at-home spa kit, which will now feature all products used during the Battle of the Bubbles:

  • Comment on each Battle of the Bubbles Post – 1 entry
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  • “Like” the Books, Beauty, and Blessings Facebook Page – 1 entry
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