Battle of the Bubbles Week Week 6

This week’s selection is  Holler And Glow Stone Coal Sober Foaming Charcoal Mask. I picked this up at Target when scouting for more masks for this challenge. I have no previous experiences with this brand. I, also, did not select this mask for the challenge this week. My husband asked to pick and he selected this one because he liked the name. You can purchase this at Target for $2.99. This mask is easy on the pocketbook but how well does it work? Check out this post to find out which mask wins this weeks battle and don’t forget to follow the steps at the end of this post for a chance to win an at-home facial gift box.

Holler and Glow Stone Coal Sober
Foaming Charcoal Mask

The Basics:

  • Ease of use: Easy
  • Price: Low
  • Packaging: Appealing
  • Smell: Low
  • Reactions: Mild

The Breakdown:

This mask was very easy to use. Massage package to activate contents and apply to clean face. Easy peasy. Upon opening the package I noticed a mild but pleasant odor, so that was a plus for me. The directions state it can be used for anywhere from 15-20 minutes but I like to go no longer than 15. I applied the mask and sat back. I felt a very mild bubble tingle about 90 seconds in and over the course of the 15 minutes this tingle came and went but in a very mild way. Honestly, my face felt more “minty” than “tingly” during the entire mask time. It wasn’t a bad feeling, just different. Like a cold breeze was continually blowing over my wet face. I can’t say I hated it….it was actually a pleasant feeling. But I really missed my bubble tingle. At the conclusion of the mask, I observed the mask and there were visible bubbles but they were subtle and didn’t cover the entire mask. I removed the mask and wiped the excess residue with a tissue, per the directions. My face felt really clean and refreshed….for about 15 minutes. Then it began to feel sticky…and refreshed. It was an odd combination. My skin felt good until I moved my face muscles then it felt like I had a tightening mask in place. I didn’t like that. As the remainder of the day progressed, the tight feeling went away just leaving my face feeling clean but not spectacular. On the plus side, there were no rashes, bumps, or acne breakouts from the mask.

GlamGlow wins this round. Holler and Glow wins points for smell, price, packaging, clean feeling, no reactions (other than the sticky feeling) and wintering effect that I enjoyed during the mask time. I was not a fan of the sticky feeling after the mask was removed and the fact that I can only find this mask at one place. I would rate this mask 4 stars though and would use it again, especially in a pinch. While doing my research, I found other products by this brand that I am looking forward to trying as well. Don’t discount this mask. I recommend anyone who likes sheet masks give it a try!

For a chance to win an awesome at-home facial kit, which will now feature all products used during the Battle of the Bubbles:

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