Battle of the Bubbles Week 3

This week I selected Earth Therapeutics Deep Clarifying O2 Bubble Mask. I picked this up during a Kohl’s excursion and thought it would be a good addition to the contest because I really like Earth Therapeutics products and they are a staple in my pedicure. You can purchase this at Kohls $9 for a 3 pack or Earth Therapeutics $11.99 for a 3 pack . This mask is both cost effective and created by a company that pampers my feet like no one else, but how does their face mask measure up? Check out this post to find out which mask wins this weeks battle and don’t forget to follow the steps at the end of this post for a chance to win an at-home facial gift box, which was a bag but it got too full!

Earth Therapeutics Deep Purifying Charcoal
O2 Bubble Mask

The Basics:

  • Ease of use: Easy
  • Price: Low to medium
  • Packaging: Appealing
  • Smell: High
  • Reactions: Mild

The Breakdown:

Awhile back Kohl’s had a beauty sale that was the BOMB. I went there to stock up on my Earth Therapeutics pedicure supplies (with the sale and my 30% credit card discount I scored items for 50% off!!!) and came across a section of face masks by them. I figured they were a worthy inclusion because their pedicure products have my feet feeling like a million bucks during and after Self-care Sundays. This was also my first foray into the K-Beauty trend, which I’m still learning all about (that’s a whole different blog post). Those Korean girls have luminous skin so they have to know what they are doing. This mask was easy…rub package to mix contents, open, and apply to clean and dry face. Upon opening the package, I first noticed the smell. It was purely clinical….and strong. I cringed because I need my mask to smell good, or at the very least, have no smell or a mild smell is even acceptable. This one, not so much. I sallied forth and applied the mask, as directed, for 15 minutes. About 3 minutes in, I felt the bubble tingle to my face, on my cheek area only. A minute later, I felt it on my chin and slightly (for a minute or two) on my forehead. And it was extremely mild. No bubble factory going on at all. And the smell was bothering me even more. I still kept at it but the bubble tingle faded to just an itchy feeling. I kept having to sit on my hands to prevent the itching areas on my face. On top of that, no matter how well it was placed, the mask just didn’t fit my eyes or lips correctly. To get it right on my eyes, it covered my lower lip. To get off my lip, it covered the tops of my eyelids. I stayed still and finished and when my timer when off, I had to jump up and see if there were any bubble visible. Yep…bubbles on the apple of my cheek and my chin. HUGE bubbles. I looked like a Santa who decided to shave my beard creatively. And, while the bubbles were huge in these places, the rest of the mask was pitch black. And, with bubbles that huge, why didn’t I feel a better bubble tingle? Anywho, I cleaned off my face per the directions and went about my self care just waiting to feel luminous, clean, and energized….like I always do. However, this week, not so much. I had no lingering effects from this mask, aside from my face feeling sticky. That’s it. The next day…..what the ever loving heck!!!! I had not 1, not 2, but 3 tiny pimples show up on my cheek and chin! Are you kidding me? I’m a slave to my facial regimen to prevent this very thing. And masks rarely cause me to breakout (it happens, but it’s very rare). It’s not a time of the month for a zit to surprise me either so that thought went out the window. Fine. I’m all about second chances. This came in a pack of three. I’ve got a spare. Now, to give you full disclosure, for a week after I use the mask, I document my face results. While you are getting results today, they are results from self-care done WEEKS ago. So, I did another mask and skipped trying a new one. Same exact steps, like a perfectly done science experiment. Same smell, same feelings, same everything. And Monday morning? Freaking hell! Two zits. Cheek and chin again. I give up. Whoever wins the facial box, is getting my third mask from the pack.

I rate this mask so low, I’m not going to give it a number. It’s rude and I really don’t like being rude. The smell, the lack of bubble tingle, the uneven and varied bubble tingle I did feel, the sticky feel afterwards, the way the mask didn’t fit properly, the lack of “clean” and “refreshed” feeling afterwards, and the breakouts mean that this product is not the one for me. Now, lets get real ladies and gentlemen. Just because it didn’t work right for my face, DOES NOT mean it won’t work wonderful for you. We are all created different and that means our faces react different to each product. Earth Therapeutics has been giving me killer pedicures for years (and I recently picked up some Kiwi and Cucumber eye masks I can’t wait to try). I will trust them with my feet until I have long left this earth. Really, they are top notch! I just can’t use their Bubble Mask. But, I’m thinking, if your don’t have sensitive skin like mine, you may want to give this a try. It may be your new, amazing find!

GlamGlow wins this week. They can have my face. Earth Therapeutics can take care of my feet. And, in my personal opinion, those are just as important as my face.

For a chance to win an awesome at-home facial kit, which will now feature all products used during the Battle of the Bubbles:

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