Battle of the Bubbles Week 2

This week I selected e.l.f. Detoxifying Bubble Mask. I picked this up during a Target run and thought it would be a good addition to the contest because it’s very accessible for me and the price was great. You can purchase this at Target for $4 or e.l.f. Cosmetics for $4 or a 3 pack for $10. This one is definitely pocketbook friendly!!! But…is it face friendly? Check out this post to find out which mask wins this weeks battle and don’t forget to follow the steps at the end of this post for a chance to win an at-home facial gift bag which is getting fuller by the day!

e.l.f. Detoxifying Bubble Mask

The basics:

  • Ease of use: Easy
  • Price: Low to Medium
  • Packaging: Appealing
  • Smell: Low
  • Reactions: None


This mask caught my eye quite accidentally during my Target run…not because it was bright and extravagant, but because it was subtle, and the colors grabbed my attention…not basic white which I normally skip right over. The mask was easy to use and the time frame of 10-15 minutes was not bad. Now, while I love GlamGlow because it’s mask is done in 3 minutes and I can fit it in anywhere, GlamGlow’s one disadvantage is that I feel like I’m rushing my own self care time. 20 minutes for a mask feels excessive for me but 10 minutes feels perfect. Score one for e.l.f.! Now, I put this on and settled in and I was floored when I started feeling the “bubble tingle” within 15 seconds!!! I had to double check my timer. And it wasn’t mild. It was a full blown bubble factory happening right on my face. I LOVED IT! I kept it on an entire 15 minutes to get the full effect and see if the bubbles and tingle lasted just as long and they did. Amazing. Upon visual inspection of the mask, it was no longer black…it was bubble white. Further proof of it’s awesomeness in my book. I removed the mask and massaged the remainder around my face using my finger tips and warm water to remove all residue. I waited about 15 minutes to check out my face and it was smooth and soft. It also felt amazing and clean!!! The next morning and going forth the entire week there were no breakouts, rashes, excessive oiliness, dryness or any other side effects. My face felt the aftereffects of this mask for days, as I do with GlamGlow. So…who won this week?

Bottom Line….I would rate this product 5 out of 5 stars. This mask is right on par with GlamGlow. From packaging to end result it scored perfect marks on my rating system, which is based on what is important to me. And while I will NEVER abandon my GlamGlow, e.l.f. has earned a spot into my weekly self-care routine with a combination of effectiveness and price. It’s $5 less per mask (more if you buy a 3 pack from the website) and since I use detoxifying masks every Sunday for self care, this mask gives me more bang for my buck.

Sorry GlamGlow, you lose this week to a gray horse. e.l.f.’s Detoxifying Bubble Mask is the winner. Actually, I’m the winner….between these two fabulous product lines, you should see my face!!!

For a chance to win an awesome at-home facial bag, which will feature all 5 star products used during the Battle of the Bubbles:

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